Saturday, May 10, 2008

Forward Balance

The forward balance person likes to rise to the occasion and can be quite dynamic. They look to the future and rarely look back into the past.

They have showmanship ability and can be natural leaders. They do crave attention, recognition, and appreciation for their efforts.

People with this trait are like thoroughbred race horses, thriving on applause and looking for approval.

In an effort to be the center of attention, they may be too loud, put other people down, and ham it up in order be recognized.

Many performers, CEO’s and heads of political parties are forward balance.

Tip About Others ☻ The backward or past focused people do not care for the approval of others, nor do they need a lot of recognition. What they want from you is consistent performance, not excuses.

Tip About You ☻ If you are constantly worried about the future and about what people think of you, perhaps it is time to slow down and look at what needs to be accomplished for everyone’s benefit.

Give others equal time in the limelight and be sure you have a stage or an arena where you can shine and be recognized.

Remember to praise and acknowledge your co-workers and other important people in your life.

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