Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Best chili cheeseburger anywhere!

I'd never even heard of these green chili burgers until I moved here and friends took me to the Outpost Bar and Grill, just down the street. Believe me, they are worth coming all this way just have one!

My new hometown...

The community garden one house past mine.

Carrizozo, New Mexico in the distant past.

With a population of less than 2000, you get to know your neighbors real quick. Great, friendly people. Come visit!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Difference in Eye spacing...what does it mean?

Let's look at the difference in the spacing between the eyes of Sarah Jessica Parker and Will Smith, two familiar faces.

Parker's internal clock is fast and intense. Everything she sees and experiences happens right in front of her face.
Smith's perception and experience of his world is at a much slower pace. People with wide-set eyes tell me that they don't mean to procrastinate, it's just that they seem to plan more things to do than they have time for. And they like to "dawdle," as they smilingly put it.

You will rarely find a person with close-set eyes dawdling. This word and action is simply not in their vocabulary!

The questions is: can someone with the physical structure like Parker or Smith change their perception and behavior? We all have free will, correct? Yes, and generally speaking, the natural structure will override the ability of the individual's freedom to choose their emotional reactions and behavior.

Check out the set of your own eyes. If you are wide between the eyes, imagine yourself with close-set eyes and try feeling and acting in a quick, intense and instantly reactive manner. Speed up your inner clock. Let yourself feel that there are only 30 minutes in an hour instead of 60, or your usual 90.

And if you are narrow between the eyes, make believe that they are wide spaced. Try operating for an entire day as if you had wide-vision, were easy-going, and had an inner metronome that ticks slowly, slowly, slowly. Can you do it?

How about reporting on your experience here on this Blog. Or you can email me at Have fun with this experiment.