Friday, November 30, 2007

Compare the daughter's traits with the father....

1. Using the same format, divide her face into thirds and notice the most prominent features.

2. What similar patterns are you noticing between father and daughter?

3. Remember that proportion is important. She has a smaller face and features.

4. What are some of the differences?

I will post my comments in a few days. Try reading these faces yourself.

What's in a face?

1. Divide his face into thirds and starting at the top, what are some of his physical characteristics?

2. Now look at the area between his eyebrows and the bottom of his nose. What stands out for you?

3. Take the bottom third now and notice the shape of his mouth, his broad chin, long area between his nose and his upper lip.

4. What might his large ears tell you?
I will post the answers in a few days, to give you a chance to try it on your own!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Bloomberg's

Here's a little Face Reading quiz for you:

What physical characteristics do father and daughter have in common and what do they mean?

NYC Mayor Bloomberg and Daughter Georgina

November 29, 2007

Years ago when I was teaching Face Reading (Personology) in Bellevue/Seattle, I'd take my students to the Sea-Tac Airport to watch people. That was in the days when you could actually go into the passenger waiting area.

We'd approach a passenger who looked like he or she was going to have a long wait for the next flight, and tell them we were on a field trip to study faces and could we read theirs....we always got a yes - usually with a big smile.

Maybe the class here in Grand Junction, Colorado could go out to the Mesa Mall and find likely folks lounging in front of Penney's, Herbergers, and other stores.

Sure makes for some great adventures!