Saturday, May 10, 2008

Backward Balance - General Groves and Oppenheimer

The backward balance person is more interested in what is accomplished than in how they might appear.

They will take the time to check out the task at hand with what has worked before. They have so many brain cells devoted to memory, that they are at an advantage tapping into this vast databank.

They often are the quiet “power behind the throne” of famous people. They simply do not need the public acknowledgement and recognition of the forward balance person.

They tend to hang onto past memories, especially those are not negative. They have a tape that constantly runs in their head and can sounds like a broken record, going over and over the past.

Tip About Others ☻ Help these people to worry less about what others may think or say. They have no control over others anyway. Applaud them for their willingness to share the spotlight with others. Congratulate them on their progress and successes.

Tip About You ☻ Use your wonderful abilities to be helpful, considerate and caring. Focus your energy outside of yourself, instead of running the tape of the past over and over. Recall the good times and positive accomplishments of yourself and others.

Let go of vindictive thoughts or relishing the other person “getting what is coming to them.” Practice forgiveness of yourself and others. Direct your attention to what will get you ahead in the future.

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