Friday, February 29, 2008

Bob Herbert - NY Times Columnist

Perhaps he is ill or has been emotionally stretched for a long time.

You will often see models with white showing under both eyes, as marketers know that it can be mesmerizing.

Don't look at these types of eyes too long, as it disrupts your nervous system and natural rhythm.

Signs of Strain

White or sclera showing under one eye indicates the person's depth is off and they need to be careful driving. It is a clear sign that they need rest, more water and a resolution of troubling issues.

White under BOTH eyes tells us that he or she has gone down the road of stress way too long.

Obama to be Democratic Nominee?

Watching Barack Obama during the recent Ohio debates was an exercise in observing low emotionality at work. He was outwardly calm, cool, and collected. Thoughtful in his responses, and seemingly unflappable. We will have to watch for Signs of Strain as an indication of his interior life.