Friday, December 28, 2007

Reading Faces of Dog Training Experts

Cesar Millan, the self-proclaimed Dog Whisperer, and Ian Dunbar, the anti-Caesar Millan.

Two completely different schools of thought in the dog training world. Millan stands by his 3 step process of exercise, discipline, affection, with strong emphasis on the discipline. He has actually been called the Dr. Phil for dogs.

Ian Dunbar's emphasis is on kind, positive approaches -- lure-reward training-- and he has revolutionized the dog training field.

As face readers, we can find two completely different kinds of people with these two guys. Millan has the broader face, indicating assertive self-confidence - perhaps even agressively so. If you watch his popular show, The Dog Whisperer, on the National Geographic Channel, you will find him charismatic, smiling, but with a slight edge - as if he were always ready to pounce. He is definitely sure of himself and his methods.

Dunbar has a long and narrow face, indicating his more cautious and hands-off approach to new situations. His extremely high forehead tells us that he will be a thoughtful and thorough thinker, who plans ahead before he takes action. And the actions he takes will undoubtedly be gentle, kind and not overtly dominant.
Another use of face reading as a tool for understanding others!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Day After Christmas

It was a quiet day here in Montana....quite dreary with no sun shining. Which reminds of some of the reasons I wanted to move from this Valley. I started saying goodbye to Missoula in 1991 and finally left it in 1996. No, I am not a is just that when you are living in a glass bowl, seeing the beauty around you, you just keep sliding back down the sides when you try to climb out. I finally left in October 1996 - to live in the Slovak Republic. Now that is truly moving away!

I am visiting my daughter, Robin, and staying at Beth Brennan's parents fabulous condo in Brookside - a lovely development with deer actively foraging in the yards. I feel so honored to have this beautiful sanctuary to rest, relax, study, and just get ready for the New Year.

Looks like lots of changes are about to happen in people's lives - including mine. More on this later.

This is the Adventures in Face Reading Blog so I want to say something about that part of my life.

There are so few of us active now from the Interstate College of Personology days - where Robert and Elizabeth Whiteside reigned supreme and taught the science with efficiency and integrity.

As far as I know, there are only two of us left who are active in the field of Personology - Naomi Tickle, who studied with Bill Burtis, and myself. Yes, there are many people now doing face reading, but few who are continuing the legacy of Judge Edward Vincent Jones and the Whitesides.

Later I will write a blurb about the differences in dog training approaches between two men with extremely different traits: Cesar Millan and Ian Dunbar.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Solstice 2007

Margaret Ruby sent this posting out via email. You can read more about Margaret and her wonderful work with DNA Healing at

"This year's Winter Solstice is a unique event in the history of our planet. Not since 26,000 years ago! We are now ending a 26,000 year period of darkness that ends in 2012) Pluto, Jupiter, the Sun and Mercury will all be within 6° of the Galactic Centre on December 21st, opposite the planet Mars, which is retrograde. Two days afterwards, on December 23rd, the Moon will be joining Mars as well. Astrologers are agreed that this presages an extraordinary opportunity for spiritual evolution."

You might consider keeping a written record (either in a handwritten journal or on your computer) of what is happening in your life at this Solstice.

In snowy, cold Montana now!

It is quite dreary here in Montana, so I am fortunate to be staying in a posh place, at the invitation of my friend, Beth, whose parents outfitted a lovely condo in Brookside so they can stay here when they visit. Grand piano, laptop, Internet, fabulous beds, walk-in shower with 7 jets, big, big TV with Dish Satellite....need I say more!

I am starting a research project making some correlations between the personality traits of Personology and the types in the Enneagram. If you are interested in participating, please let me know and I will give you some instructions.

Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Back in business!

My new laptop arrived and it is so much fun! Even though it keeps crashing.

Turns out Walter is from South Africa and is a professional physiognomist! That is exciting and we hope to talk one-on-one through Skype as soon as the holidays settle down.

Tomorrow, December 11, is my birthday and son, David, is flying in from San Francisco to celebrate it with me. He said, "I don't want you to be alone on your birthday!" Sweet Boy!

Thursday I head up to Montana to spend the holidays with daughter, Robin, and plan on making time to respond to both Amy and Walter on this blog and to post some more interesting faces.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Monday, December 3, 2007

My Laptop went kaput....

I hope to receive the new one from Dell by the end of this time for my birthday on Dec. 11, and I will post my professional face reading observations about the Bloomberg's. Thanks to Amy from Ohio and Walter from not sure where for adding their comments.

Keep watching those faces!

Happy Holidays, Laura Rose