Thursday, December 20, 2007

Solstice 2007

Margaret Ruby sent this posting out via email. You can read more about Margaret and her wonderful work with DNA Healing at

"This year's Winter Solstice is a unique event in the history of our planet. Not since 26,000 years ago! We are now ending a 26,000 year period of darkness that ends in 2012) Pluto, Jupiter, the Sun and Mercury will all be within 6° of the Galactic Centre on December 21st, opposite the planet Mars, which is retrograde. Two days afterwards, on December 23rd, the Moon will be joining Mars as well. Astrologers are agreed that this presages an extraordinary opportunity for spiritual evolution."

You might consider keeping a written record (either in a handwritten journal or on your computer) of what is happening in your life at this Solstice.

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