Friday, November 30, 2007

What's in a face?

1. Divide his face into thirds and starting at the top, what are some of his physical characteristics?

2. Now look at the area between his eyebrows and the bottom of his nose. What stands out for you?

3. Take the bottom third now and notice the shape of his mouth, his broad chin, long area between his nose and his upper lip.

4. What might his large ears tell you?
I will post the answers in a few days, to give you a chance to try it on your own!


  1. Ah I have found the Father's face

    THe father is a powerful leader, analytical optimistic, although (in the picture) closed or sceptical to input from the outside, paersuasive, wants to be recognised, soemtime slow in making up his mind (contrary to the daughters want it now), Bossy, can speak to others and likes to create other in his image. THere is a ingraine element of fear in this face


  2. hi facepro.

    your comments are insightful, intuitive. i'm interested in how you are coming to the conclusions, if by science or by intuitive opinion or both.

    -amy in ohio.