Friday, November 30, 2007

Compare the daughter's traits with the father....

1. Using the same format, divide her face into thirds and notice the most prominent features.

2. What similar patterns are you noticing between father and daughter?

3. Remember that proportion is important. She has a smaller face and features.

4. What are some of the differences?

I will post my comments in a few days. Try reading these faces yourself.


  1. Hello Laura Rose.

    Here are my observations.

    I am not trained in Face Reading and I know very little about this skill, but I wanted to try it for fun.

    I know nothing about these people (the Bloomberg’s) and have never heard of them before. Now I know they are in the public spotlight via politics.

    Both have large foreheads.

    Both have ample space between nose and upper lip (philtrum?).

    Both have little top lips and full bottom lips.

    Both have noticeable similarities in ears which are charming (I hope this young woman doesn’t do too much plastic surgery over the years). The ears are a little large, but not too big. They also have a slight curve out at the top edge.

    The eyes are similar in focus. I’m thinking they are both right side dominant, right handed. I say this because of the parting of the hair and dominant eye.

    Both have a little swoop under the tip of the nose (quite charming).

    Neither smile broadly nor show teeth in the images chosen (less wrinkles this way).

    An honest to goodness American family looking at his age compared to hers. That is a visual observation. Visually, he looks about 65 and the daughter looks around 20.

    The daughter, Georgina, has a bit wider rounder facial structure. I wonder if that is a key to having lots of friends because of somehow being more easily approachable with the round face.

    I found a picture through google images and found another daughter. Georgina's face is the roundest and her skin is the warmest color.

    Maybe I'm not looking at the right things - like space between eyes and height of cheekbones. I'll learn as I go. It's great fun.

    -Amy in Ohio

  2. Dear Laura Rose

    First reading your face is a challenge, as you are smiling and that can distort the reading somewhat

    Concerning the girl in the picture, I can not see her fathers face and hence will not comment there, however a quick impression is htat this is a strong willed individual that gets what she is after. Persuasive and analytical she is impatient, yet optimistic in her outlook. She is kind by nature but lives in an alternate realitiy creaed mostly by herself. At all cost she will avoid poverty and lack and can be promiscous.

    Photos are genreally no the best to "read" or profile from

    THis was fun


  3. Good job of observing, Amy. The large forehead in Georgina shows her innate intelligence and imaginative capacities.

    The long philtrum indicates they both have dry wit (used to be called Irish Wit). Easy for the person to say something which could offend the one who has a short philtrum: the trait of vanity.

    Thin upper lips indicates a need to be concise and to get to the point, with the full lower lip being generosity.