Saturday, June 18, 2011

Telepathy - communication of one mind to another by some means beyond what is ordinary.

Telepathy is a more specific ESP (extra-sensory perception) quality than is the "hunch" we call intuition.

Telepathy involves exact messages being relayed from one mind to another.

It takes place in words - words heard by the inner ear - not in feelings (intuition), nor pictures (psychic or clairvoyance).

The telepathic individual becomes aware of another person talking to him within his mind. Somewhere another person is sending and he is receiving.

Telepathic communication can be planned, studied and tested in exact scientific terms.

All that is needed for telepathic communication is the trait itself and a close rapport between two individuals. If both parties are concentrating on each other, actual telepathic "conversations" can be held.

The physical indicator is a ridge-like fullness at the top of the head, in the parietal lobe area.

This gentleman with extreme telepathy is John Singleton, becoming at the age of 24, the youngest individual and the first African American ever to be nominated for a Best Director Academy Award, Singleton made movie history with Boyz 'N the Hood.


  1. Now that's a fun trait to watch for. Of course I am feeling my head now to see how pronounced my ridge is! Once I was on the phone with a boyfriend who asked me to guess what candy bar he was eating and I could taste it!!


  2. Wow, what a fun trait to watch for. Reminds me of the ConeHeads and how they would touch their cones together to kiss.
    Andrea Rose Jones

  3. Glad comments actually were able to post!