Monday, November 2, 2009

More on "how much will you tolerate?"

The distance between the eyes is a highly important physical characteristic to understand about yourself and others.
Here you see a person (Will Smith) whose eyes are quite far apart. (If you take one eye measured from the inner corner to the outer, and try to place it in between the two eyes, you have plenty of space left over - indicating a high level of emotional tolerance.)
Tolerance is all about how much a person is willing to tolerate or put up with, literally, before he or she will react and take action.
People with wide set eyes have an inner clock which is slower than others, so they must set priorities and consciously adhere to deadlines and timelines.
These folks generally are broad-minded and usually have an easy going nature.
They most often believe in a "live and let live" philosophy.
Wide set eyed people will stay calm when others are feeling pressure.
They just naturally focus on the big picture.
Tip About Others: If your eyes are wide apart, most of the people in your world will react emotionally to everything much quicker than you. You may think of these people as narrow-minded, argumentative and even a busybody. Although they do tend to intrude quickly upon other people's business, that is not truly their intention.
Tip About You: You forfeit the confidence of others when you procrastinate, delay and consistently miss deadlines. They might interpret your behavior as incompetence or ineptness, when in reality you are simply working off of a different inner time clock.
You must stop putting things off! Performance not excuses is the theme of the day - every day! Discipline yourself to stay with your commitments and do what you need to be doing in the moment. No delays - do it now!

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