Friday, October 30, 2009

How short is your emotional fuse?

Are your eyes set close together or are they wide apart?

How much will you tolerate emotionally before that fuse burns down and explodes?

This is the personological trait entitled Tolerance.

People with close set eyes -

* Have a built-in sense of their version of right and wrong

* Are conscientious and dependable
* Can't relax when things are pending
* Can be fussy and a "busybody"
* Are intense and have a close focus
This person is quick to respond to whatever is happening in the moment and is committed fully and intensely once their emotions are triggered.
People with close set eyes have an inner clock which is set much quicker than most. They quickly display their feelings and actions. Their intense NOW reaction can be an inspiration to others when they are directing their attention toward positive goals.
Their tendency to become upset and irritated when things are not going their way causes them to leap into action whether they are in charge or not. It doesn't matter if they are not on their own territory; they move right in and do it anyway.
Tip About Others: You are surrounded by people whose eyes are wider apart than yours! Help them to see that what needs to be done must be done. Use your gift of reacting immediately in a positive way to inspire others.
Tip About You: If your eyes are close together, you must teach yourself to look at the bigger picture before you get all excited about a specific - which is what gets your attention immediately.
You will quickly become upset with whatever you see as being incorrect, out of line and, in your view, unjust. Others will merely see you as narrow-minded, argumentative, and sticking your nose in their business!
Your pivot or turning point is when you hear yourself thinking, "Can't he see this is wrong?" Ask yourself, "Is this really my business?" "Is it actually my responsibility?" If not, refocus your attention on what your responsibility and authority really are.

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