Thursday, March 20, 2008

Amanda Leaves Idol...

Do you think she'll have any trouble making her way through Life?

What's your first impression? C'mon...take a guess!


  1. OK - first impression - my gut reaction:

    This is someone I would be friends with - at a cost possibly.

    Her wide face, broad set eyes, large lips, and slightly protruding cheekbones make me feel very comfortable knowing that wherever we went together, a blast of a time would surely follow. This could also be a "turn-off" for thin-skinned friends and those who get embarassed for others easily. (Thin-skinned meaning low-tolerance and stubborn and introverted - like an ISTJ.)

    She might have a tendency to fly through life and not see how she hurts close friends or family. It makes me wonder if she is a Fire sign - Leo maybe. She also might have a tendency to fly off the handle and in-turn, be difficult to live with. Which trait shows high emotionality?

    Since I don't watch the show, I don't know what kind of talent she has, but I imagine if she made it that far, she'll keep going regardless of obstacles. I recall recent rumors about someone being kicked-off bc of drama...makes me wonder if it was this person.

    I can see full lips and a straight line nose and broad forehead. I don't think she'll have any trouble forging her way into a famous future.

    This is fun.
    Amy in Ohio.

  2. Right on, Amy! Did you read her from your intuition, from studying face reading - or a little bit of both??

  3. A little bit of intuition, a lot of face reading studying, and a little pattern grouping. I hung out with a lot of artists in college and she looks like several of my closest friends (ENFP). Also, there are a lot of similarities between my own face and hers - that's why I mentioned emotionality and possible fire sign. She has an extra little bit of "wickedness" in her grin so I recognize the adventurer's call. I never would have done this type of reading if not for the Face Reading studies. Your knowledge and style have given me a lot more confidence in attempting these readings. This is fun learning.